New Roofs


New RoofsNew or Replacement Roofing in Cardiff and Surrounding Areas

It is not always that an existing roof can be repaired and its life prolonged. If the construction quality of the roof is excellent, it can last for over 50 years. However, if different valleys have formed and ridge tiles have cracked, or the tiles and slates have slipped and are leaking, it is about time you’re your roof is entirely refurbished rather than repairing it.

Listed below are steps that have to be followed in order that you do not get trapped in a scam:

  • Carry out some research. Make sure that you do an in-depth analysis of the company from which you are asking for a quote and also ensure they have plenty of relevant experience
  • Ask them to carry out an assessment of your roof before handing over a work estimate or price quote
  • Make sure that you choose a genuine and reliable company as there are several people who would want to dupe you

We are a highly reliable company, with a proven track record. We have excellent ratings on Checkatrade, Trusttrader and We raise an invoice and receive payments only when the work is complete. You can also check with our previous clients if you want to verify it yourself.

Steps involved in Roof Renewal

Listed below are the steps that are carried out in creation of a new roof:

  • First is scaffolding to the level of eaves, which is carried out by a highly professional company which has been in business for almost one decade. If you wish to get it done from any other scaffolding company, you will be at your free will to do so
  • Removal of the existing ridge riles and hip tiles including the mortars from verges and ridges. If you wish to use reuse the tiles again on your new roof, this is possible. Otherwise, tiles could be sold or disposed of
  • The existing wooden battens are removed and taken to the skip to be recycled
  • The existing wooden rafters and joists are checked upon inspection. The rotten ones are replaced and all the protruding nails are hammered or removed
  • The breathable membrane is added
  • The pressure treated batten is added by ensuring that the spacing is correct
  • Roof ventilators are added to provision for the bathroom extractor fan
  • For placing the lead or GRP, new valleys, or joins between the roofs are created
  • The ridged tiles are bed down using waterproof mortar and dry ridge system
  • The scaffolding is removed to make it clean
  • The skip is then removed


how can we help you?

If you have any queries and would like some more information, please get in touch with us for a chat or to arrange a free quotation

We need to tell you “WOW” and “Thank You” for a wonderful job transforming our plain old back yard into a relaxing oasis. We want to personally commend you and your team of professionals for doing an excellent job. Elite Construction went above expectations, keeping us fully informed throughout the process, and finished the job ahead of schedule.

We wanted an inviting backyard that would be an extension of our home to entertain family and friends. You delivered! Please extend our gratitude to your team along with the crew who worked so hard throughout the process.

Thank you for a Job well done.

Karl and Holly