Garden Walls


Garden Walls

Garden walls are an important feature that must be constructed correctly to ensure that your garden is safe for its intended use. The garden wall can not only improve the aesthetics of your garden but can also be used to support a feature such as a greenhouse, retain a soil bank or form an edge or division for a patio area or lawn. There are countless other uses for a garden wall and it is essential that your garden wall has been well built to ensure it will last its lifetime.

Although you may want a garden wall, building it yourself can be difficult and time consuming. The key to a straight, solid and safe garden wall is in its foundation. Time must be spent getting the foundation correct to create a firm base to work from. We can eliminate the guesswork, the hassle and all the hard work for you. A garden wall is an important structural feature and so we only use fully skilled, reliable and professional bricklayers with a minimum of three years’ experience in the trade. You can be confident that your brick wall has been made by the best of bricklayers and will not only look good, but will also last for a long time.

We are able to construct, repair and revamp garden walls, external brick walls and metal railings. If you are located in Hemel Hempstead or any surrounding areas and require our experienced, reliable and skilled bricklayers, then please give us a call today.

Front garden walls for railings

An exterior brick garden wall can be built for a myriad of purposes. For example, many older houses may require a garden wall to support Victorian wrought iron railings. In every case, there are countless types of brick to choose from when constructing your wall. Prices range considerably depending on the availability of material however we can assure that you will find something the correct material that suits your personal situation. Although our prices range from very cheap engineered house bricks to expensive reclaimed yellow stocks, you can be guaranteed that all materials are of the highest quality.

Building and rendering a garden wall

If your external wall needs a bit of tender loving care and rendering to give a smoother finish, Optimum Home Improvements are the one for the job! For rendered walls that are painted, the bricks underneath are no longer visible. In this case, you are able to save on your project as cheaper, less visually attractive yet high quality bricks can be used to build the wall itself. If you are building on a budget, this is our recommended top tip.

Reclaimed bricks and repairing brick walls

Perhaps you do not want a new garden wall, but would like to revamp your existing one. If you would like your current brick wall repaired, then matching your new bricks to the pre-existing brick is the best way for the wall to be restored to its original state, whilst maintaining consistency and aesthetics. Optimum Home Improvements are easily able to match and supply a wide variety of brick; from hand-made reclaimed bricks such as Victorian, stock or wire cut to yellow stock bricks, we will able to find the right bricks for the job.

Brick walls as boundaries

Building any type of brick wall from any type of brick is no difficult for us at Optimum Home Improvements – even difficult patterns or curved edges are no obstacle. A beautifully placed and well-constructed brick wall not only looks fantastic but also provides the finish touch to an exquisitely landscaped garden. Garden walls can be straight, but they can also have curvature to add flow through your garden and any sections you may have.

Building a brick planter

Have you ever thought about using a brick planter for your flowers or vegetables? If you are considering a raised flower bed, then a brick planter is ideal! With brick planters, you are able to think outside of the box – any sizes, any shape, any design. Many people have begun using brick planters as a striking way to break up a paved area, such as a driveway, and provide colour and life to their outside space. For more inspirational ideas, please contact Optimum Home Improvements 02920 191439 / 07585 892811 today.  From our large portfolio of outdoor creations, you are sure to develop new ideas and visions to help recreate your outside space!


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